2022 Elddis Avante 860


Product description & features

Year 2022
Range Avante
Product Name Avante 860
Number of Berths 4
Wheel Rim Size 5 1/2JX14 5X112
Brake Size NULL
Tyre Size 175/65 R14 90
Tyre Pressure 38
Internal Length 6390mm/21'0"
External Length 6950mm/22'10"
Shipping Length 8050mm/26'5"
Overall Width Inc Wing Mirrors 2450mm / 8'00''
Overall Body Width 2450mm/8'00"
Overall Height 2635mm/8'8"
Maximum Headroom 1950mm/6'5"
Internal Width 2300mm/7'7"
Awning Size 10900mm/35'9"
Front Beds 2 x Single 720mm x 1830mm 2'4" x 6'0" Or 1 x Double 1430mm x 2120mm 4'8" x 6'11"


Side Dinette NULL


Rear Beds 1 x Double 1346mm x 1900mm 4'5" x 6'3"


Maximum Hitch Weight 100kgs / 1.97cwt
Mass in Running Order 1491kgs / 29.35cwt
Optional Equipment Payload NULL
Maximum User Payload 159kgs/3.13cwt
Plated M.T.P.L.M 1650kg / 32.48cwt
Max M.T.P.L.M 1800kgs / 35.43cwt

Note 1:The Mass in Running Order includes a manufacturing tolerance for material variances and 10kgs per gas bottle, the number of bottles is equal to the number of connections provided at the regulator.
Note 2: Maximum User Payload includes the Personal Effects payload and the Optional Equipment Payload.
Note 3: If you require a larger payload it is possible to upgrade the Plated Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass. Please contact your supplying retailer for more information. (Exclusions may apply)
Note 4: Please take care to ensure that you have allowed for the masses of all items you intend to carry in the caravan.
Note 5: Warning under no circumstances must the plated MTPLM of the caravan be exceeded.
Note 6: The porch awning height is measured directly above the main entrance door
Note 7: All data is calculated using metric weights and measurements. The imperial figures quoted are conversions thereof.
Note 8: All dimensions have a tolerance of +/-25mm
Note 9: The overall height measurement is taken with the aerial in the lowest position.
Note 10: All front bed sizes are quoted with the front chest of drawers in place. (Where Applicable)

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